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Hello from Dribble Delights

21 August 2011

Well, how exciting, our first blog post to all of you, thanks for reading :)

This blog has been a long time in production so please bear with us as we keep you updated on the official Dribble Journey. This blog will help you get to know the people behind Dribble Delights while offering you an insight in what is happening with testing, production and manufacturing of our products. And of course when final launch will be happening.

We hope this blog helps to chart what it takes to start-up a business in these tough economic times. We know mistakes will be made but so long as we learn from them and move on…..the key to success…right? No sleep for the next few months, just pure honest hard work…

Well…’s a bit more than that. We have the passion, dedication and commitment to show you what it all takes but we have a HUGE sense of mission within the company. Our mission, so to speak, is that we believe in bringing more choice to consumers who have food intolerances. We aspire to be like and to achieve what the company Innocent are, what they stand for, how the listen to their customers and above all have that sense of pride and achievement in delivering a high quality product that consumers want..oh…and giving back to the people in their supply chain and to charity!

We’re a long way away from all those things but aim high that’s what we’re wanting to do at Dribble Delights. Thanks for coming along on our journey.

Future posts will give you advice, updates and stats on everything that we do.