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All About our Crowdfunding

1 December 2011

Many of you may have seen tweets from us telling you we’re Crowdfunding. I hope you managed to click though and watch our cool video (we love, love, love the music- Thank you Terra Naomi) but we also just wanted to take this opportunity to really tell you why we decided to Crowdfund, what it is and how can you help.

BloomVC  are introducing a new way of looking at starting a business. In the economic downturn and with all the doom and gloom about the economy, business and banks crisis on the news it can be really daunting for start-ups to actually..well….start! It’s now time for us to take control again and not let other people decide what your future should look like. Crowdfunding is all about enabling, empowering and pulling together to support, mentor and pledge money to projects. Everyone has a chance to help, guide and make a real difference. It no longer feels like your money is going into a huge pot where the government decides what to do with it.

BloomVC have a new strand of Crowdfuding where companies give ‘rewards’ for pledges i.e. to say thank you the company offers a gift in return.

At Dribble Delights we have some amazing rewards for your pledges. You can see on the video and text that the money would go towards some amazing things, such as dedicated Dairy Free equipment, it would help cement the testing we want done on our products which helps us move forward on getting Internationally recognised accreditation as well as going towards manufacturing and costs for production.

So it really is life-changing doing Crowdfunding, but that’s all for Dribble Delights, what do we offer in return? Fantastic goodies such as special offers, Tester sets of Dribble Delights main meals and our Dribble Nibbles snacks, Dribble Delights merchandise, alongside 5 exclusive pledges that will enable you to name an exclusive limited range of Dribble Delights food.

You’ll also get the satisfaction of actually having a huge part to play in helping us bring these products to market. Imagine if you had a child who was Dairy Intolerant, imagine having issue feeding them for every meal and snack, never mind taking them out for lunch or to a birthday party. Take a moment to think, you may not have a food allergy but I bet you know someone who has.

So here’s the link…..please pledge if you can and please link on your facebook, twitter and blog accounts. Your help would be fantastic on this amazing journey.

Crowdfunding Link

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Our Twitter name is @DribbleDelights

Many Thanks

Why Start Dribble Delights

1 December 2011

I wrote this post for another blog for a very good friend of mine. It details the background to who I am and why Dribble Delights has come about. I will leave my sister and her background for another post. Please bear with my story…it is rather long but should give you a really good insight into who, what and why Dribble Delights are here today.

I am a mum of three gorgeous children, a girl and two boys, ages 4, 2 and 1, so life is pretty hectic for me right now. All of my kids are Dairy Intolerant and it’s been quite a journey the past 4 years, from my children being diagnosed as being Dairy Intolerant to learning to adapt our everyday lifestyle to accommodate being Dairy free.

We learnt the hard way with Sophie. She was diagnosed as being Dairy Intolerant at 9 months after a trip to the emergency hospital after her nappies turned grey, with what we later learned were, small red strands of her stomach lining. The fright, shock and amazement at how calmly the doctor told us that day still lives with me. You see, I had had several trips to the doctors (in fact three different surgeries) each time I was given excuses when I expressed my concern over my daughters nappies. Is this normal I would ask? Should they be this runny? Now, not to gross you out but being a mum has changed my perception of talking about bodily functions as I would never in a million years have openly talked about the state of nappies before having children. However, it is such an integral thing when looking at your child development. It’s forgotten about as you start to think about weaning your baby, listening to babble noises, checking their hearing and eyesight works etc you can overlook how your babies nappies should be forming and not having had children it was so easy to miss the signs.

Excuses are given when children try new foods, or they are having an off day, or you need to try a food 12 times before you know they really don’t like it. Your head is buzzing with all the information you need to process and the lack of sleep you’re experiencing only adds to everything.

After our trip to hospital we cut out all dairy and the change was amazing. Within two weeks my daughter has started to have what I would class as ‘normal’ nappies. Her appetite returned as she had slowly went off all her favourite food and lived on yogurts for three days prior to the hospital trip. I was racked with guilt as yogurt was the worst possible thing to give her, yet it was all that she would eat. I dread to think the pain her wee tummy must have felt and how she would have been starting to associate sore tummy pain with food.

We cut out all Dairy – cheese, yogurt, baby milk (which in itself was terrifying as milk was still such a huge part of her diet at 9 months of age) I started to worry about her calcium levels too, which I still do too this day. I checked all her favourite foods as was astonished to see how many actually had some form of milk or dairy in it. It was particularly frightening and the guilt I felt was tremendous. I should have known sooner…. I should have done things differently….I should have made all my own baby food then this would never have happened…all those thoughts were constantly swimming around in my head and I was angry at myself for not doing the best that I could. I felt so much guilt.

As each child came along and each went the same way and were diagnosed as being Dairy Intolerant it was never easy for me to try and have exciting ranges of foods. Cooking was not a passion for me and I fell into the trap of only feeding my children the same types of ‘safe food’. Food that I knew wouldn’t hurt their tummies.

We had to learn to adapt all our meals, our snacks, our days out, trips to others parents houses… Birthday parties have particularly started to become difficult to handle as my daughter is now 4 and it’s so hard saying no to her as she stares at a huge table of sweets other kids are chomping away on and she can’t have anything. I try to make it easier by having a dedicated ‘princess’ lunch bag with her ‘special’ sweets.

After my third child was born and at three months his nappies changed just like my daughters I knew what was about to happen again. I felt awful as all three of my children were Dairy Intolerant and I still hadn’t found an easy way forward where food was concerned. The stress, the decisions, the planning…it’s every mealtime, every snack time….its never-ending.

I was speaking to my sister one day about my problems and that’s when she decided to step in and help. She is one of those amazing food people that can fling a whole pile of ingredients into a pan and cook the most delicious meal and she doesn’t get stressed!! She started to make cakes, cookies, muffins, main meals – all Dairy Free. I was ecstatic and my kids loved it when their auntie came to visit with yummy goodies for their delicate tummies.

The best bit was when she made a princess chocolate birthday cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. You have no idea how happy my little girl was seeing the cake and eating it! I loved the fact that it was a ‘character’ cake just like the ones you see in the main supermarkets, yet it was completely Dairy Free…I was totally delighted and it tasted so yummy!

That was the beginning of the business idea. You know how these things can happen, something is said, an idea starts to form and then wham!! You turn round and you’re actually starting to do it…you’re doing something… exciting…so terrifying…have no idea where it will lead but the possibilities are endless….and you start to plan…and plan more…and the way forward becomes clearer…and then Dribble Delights was born!