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What we’ve been up to this week…

28 March 2013

ImageFollowing Cheryl’s successful pitch at Hatchery Hits the Street 4 at the Crowne Plaza Glasgow on the 22nd March 2013, we have been working on completing the e-book full of yummy free-from recipes.  

The recipe e-book will be ready in time for Allergy Awareness Week which runs the 22nd till 28th of April this year and will be available to purchase on Amazon. The great thing about the book is that all of the recipes have been created with the help of a top baby nutritionist so you can be sure that they are all free-from and nutritionally balanced. These are the exact meals and snacks which Cheryl makes for her three children so they are perfect for busy parents and don’t contain any obscure, hard to find or over expensive ingredients. These factors make it very practical!

The book will be split into three sections: Early Eaters, Explorer Eaters and Confident Eaters. This ensures there is the right texture of food for each stage in the weaning process. The great thing about the Confident Eaters section is that there are recipes which whole family can enjoy – this definitely makes meal times less stressful!

Since the recipes have been finalized, on Monday we met with Alan Donaldson, who specializes in food photography, at his studio in Bearsden to get some shots taken for the book. Check out his website here:

We would like to share with you some exclusive behind the scenes footage!Image

 All of the yummy fresh food which goes into each of the recipes!


Kitchen essentials for your little oneCheryl thinks Dove’s Farm is the best to use.





Alan hard at work getting the perfect shot!



Reviewing and choosing which one works best. 



How happy are you with that one, Cheryl?!



Arguably the best part – testing! Yum yum. 


Being a Part of Espark and Dribble Delights

28 March 2013



Hi, I’m Natalie, a Business & Management/English Literature student at the University of

Glasgow and currently one of four interns working for Cheryl Ryder of Dribble Delights.


What are we up to?


It is my role, together with Kym, to manage Dribble Delights’ professional social media image. Right now I am working towards creating a social media calendar which we can use internally. This will enable us to attend and become affiliated with relevant events/awareness weeks. It also means that we can build relationships with our customer base through these events. Kym is also managing the PR side of things for example, reaching out to celebrities who have children with intolerances in order to promote the brand.


Chris is working on updating the website to give it a more professional image. He has been researching current brands in the market to see how they present their information, which colour schemes work best and generally what to include. He has also received positive responses from cafes who are interested in stocking the Dribble Delights’ toddler snacks.


Kimberley is the glue which holds us all together. With her nutritional knowledge, we can update our customers about baby weaning tips and health advice for mother and baby. For example, did you know it can take a baby up to 13 attempts to accept a new food?! She is also assisting Cheryl with the creation of the e-book which will contain yummy free-from nutritionally balanced recipes.


What’s it like to be a part of E-Spark?


Although I have only been part of the team for a couple of weeks I feel so honoured to be involved in such a fantastic and motivational working environment. The layout, bright natural light and the supportive atmosphere is about as far away from the typical office stereotype as you can get. It’s great that the office and resources are available as I think being in that sort of environment gives you more drive and focus rather than working entirely from home.


The diversity of the businesses which are part of E-Spark also makes the office culture positively unique. In the space there are so many different products and services ready and waiting to take over their market: from cookie dough to travel pillows to social media and everything in between. It is therefore incredibly exciting to work alongside all of these inspiring entrepreneurs who are living and breathing the E-Spark motto ‘#GoDo.’


How does being an intern benefit me?

I absolutely love working at Dribble Delights already. I already feel that I have learned so much in terms of marketing, sales and also allergies and nutrition. I think the whole team would agree that working for Cheryl is great as she takes on our ideas and suggestions and there’s the right mixture between team work and using your initiative. It’s definitely not your average ‘do-some-photocopying-and-run-out-and-get-us-a-coffee’ internship!


Dribble Delights and the E-Spark office is also helping me understand just how crucial social media marketing is. It is definitely a movement which is showing no signs of slowing down with more and more organizations taking to Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their market and promote their products through competitions. This is great news for me as I can now justify purchasing my first iPhone on the basis that it will enhance my future marketing career!


On top of all this wonderful experience, which will really widen my career options for the future, we also have the opportunity to attend various events such as Hatchery Hits the Street, Accelerate days and social media training events. I’m so thankful to be a part of this and want to wish everyone best of luck at the event next week! Go do!