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Our Time at Espark

27 June 2013

Our Time at Espark


Dribble Delights have come to the end of our time at start-up incubator and business accelerator Entrepreneurial Spark. It has been a huge journey for us and the help given to us by our fellow chiclets and enablers has been invaluable.


We’ve had so many opportunities given to us and we can confidently say that we have relished every single one. From event nights, to workshops, to Acceler8 days, to collaborations and everything in between, we have loved every moment.

We’ve also been able to attend question and answer sessions with Sir Willie Haughey (founder of City Refrigeration) and Ann Gloag OBE (founder of Stagecoach). They offered us a wealth of business knowledge and insight. Ann said the most important aspect is to always go with your gut feeling when making decisions. Sir Willie taught us to surround ourselves with people with whom we have the same values. They both talked us through their decisions, mistakes, peaks and troughs in business. It was incredibly interesting and refreshing to hear that the journey to success is never easy – even for some of the biggest players in the game. Stagecoach began as a tiny mini-bus service to London and now it’s a huge global brand.



Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement and we hope that you will continue with us on our journey after Espark! 



Dribble (Delighted!) with our Edge Success

20 June 2013

The process was lengthy and grueling. The pitch practicing was intense. But all the sleepless nights were worth it as Dribble Delights were awarded £20,000 of Scot EDGE funding! 

For anyone who is unfamiliar, the EDGE fund (Encouraging Dynamic Growth Entrepreneurs) is a  fund which aims to support and encourage entrepreneurial activity in Scotland. Candidates send away an application about how the funding would help them and their financial projections for the future (headache inducing!). They then send away a video pitch, pitch in front of the closed panel and if they make it through to the final, pitch in front of the audience and panel AND do a Q and A session. On this occasion it was held at the beautiful RBS Gogarburn conference centre. 

It’s definitely not an easy process to endure and so even getting to the final is a huge achievement and can lead to many other opportunities. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and hope that you will continue to do so as this funding will really accelerate our business plans and get our products to you faster! For information on the other winners and what they plan to spend their money on, check out this site:








Nutritional Insights: Vitamin D

17 June 2013

At Dribble Delights we’ve been enjoying the sunshine over the past few weeks but do you really know about the benefits of Vitamin D? The lovely nutritionist Kimberley has written a blog all about it!


Vitamin D has gained a lot of interest in the recent years; it is quite literally the hottest of all the vitamins! But there is a lot of debate as to whether vitamin D is actually a vitamin or a hormone as our main source of vitamin D comes from the sun and not the diet. It is then synthesized on our skin and goes through many processes, which enables it to be used in the body.

For children, the reference nutrient intake (the amount that is adequate for 97.5% of the population) ranges from 7.5-8µg and for elderly, pregnant and lactating women it is 10µg per day. However, for adults ages 19-64 years there is no reference intake (Coma, 1991). The average intake of vitamin D in the UK for adults is very low (approximately 2.5µg per day). The lack of vitamin D in the diet, alongside lack of sunshine makes the Scottish population at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Current guidelines are that all babies and young children aged 6 months to 5 years should consume supplements (NHS, 2013). For some families, supplements are available for free through Healthy Start (as well as other vitamins, fruit and vegetables and other vitamins for the mother). Find out more information here –

So why is vitamin D important? Vitamin D is a ‘jack of all trades’ but one of the most important functions is for bone health. Vitamin D encourages the absorption of calcium from the small intestine, encourages storage in the skeleton and has a beneficial effect on the kidneys by limiting the amount that is excreted. Children double in length during the first year of life so it is important that they receive adequate levels of vitamin D and calcium for good bone health. Vitamin D has also shown to be important in immune health and to have beneficial effects on neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis. It is also positively associated with cognitive function, body weight control and the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular function (Gibney et al. 2009).

Vitamin D content tends to be rather low in food sources. Highest levels of vitamin D are found in oily fish (such as salmon and mackerel), as well as fish oil capsules, but also in sundried mushrooms. In our ebook we have a lovely fish pie recipe you could try out! A lot of the vitamin D we receive in our diets is through foods that have been fortified such as margarine, cereals and orange juice (Barasi, 2005).

Aim for one to two portions of oily fish a week but slowly introduce fish into your child’s diet as it is a common allergen and allow your little one to get used to the taste.

Consume more fish, opt for foods that have been fortified, get outside and be active!

Dribble Delights and the BBC

15 June 2013

Well it’s been an exciting week for Dribble Delights! On Sunday we had a successful day speaking to some lovely parents and children at the West End Festival and getting our name out there.

On Thursday CEO Cheryl pitched at the Scot EDGE competition to win a great deal of investment and then found out she was through to the final! This is huge as with investment, we can put the FUN back into FOOD a lot faster and hit shelves quicker!

And…to top all of this off we aired on the BBC Reporting Scotland programme at lunch time and also the radio in the morning (which is on the iPlayer)Check us out and thank you all for your support!

Dribble Delights Debut In Pictures- At the West End Festival

13 June 2013

Dribble Delights made their West End Festival debut on Sunday and there couldn’t have been a better day for it! The sun was shining, it was so busy and we met lots of lovely families. We found that there are so many babies and toddlers suffering from single or multiple food allergies and struggling to find tasty, nutritious snacks. There definitely is a need for Dribble Delights! At the festival we were selling our ebook available here if you didn’t get the chance to pick up a copy, cakes in flavours chocolate and raisin, chocolate and cranberry, vanilla and apricot (my fave!) and vanilla and blueberry – all made without Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soya and Nuts. We also had some lovely organic cotton Dribble Delights bibs and we teamed up with Allergy UK to encourage people to donate and wear a wristband to raise awareness.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to give us their support and would love you all to continue to do so as with your help we will be able to get our products in stores and online faster! Please visit out Facebook, Twitter and revamped site and stay in touch via our newsletter. If you bought the ebook or some cakes we would love to know what you thought!








Dribble Delights Day Out – At the West End Festival

12 June 2013

Dribble Delights Team

Dribble Delights were at the West End Festival on Sunday meeting many parents and grandparents whose children and grandchildren had various food allergies or intolerances.

Our range of cakes came in 4 flavours and made without Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soya and Nuts and was popular with all the kids. People came back for more which was great! We’re working on getting these into a store near you, keep coming back for more information or sign up to our newsletter and we can keep in touch with our launch.

Below is a selection of pictures of the day. The weather was just fantastic and the people were amazing! Fun, food and sun what else could you ask for?

Busy Stall Our Stall

Our Family

Many Thanks, The DD Team : )

Dribble Delights meet a fellow Allergy entrepreneur – Iman Ogoo of Imanmade Natural Skin Care

5 June 2013


A little about you:

Iman Ogoo: East Londoner, mother of three boys, major Prince fan, and owner/founder of Imanmade Natural Skin Care, a range of all-natural products created to moisturise and protect skin from dryness, while being gentle enough for use on sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Why you set up your company…

As child I had severe eczema and mild asthma as well as food, pet and environmental allergies such as dust and mould. Thankfully I grew out of most of my food allergies by my late teens, but when I had children two of my sons inherited my eczema, asthma and allergies in addition to Anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergic reactions). One son has fish egg, peanut allergies, the other has dairy, egg, peanut, wheat allergies.  When a prescribed moisturiser caused chemical burns on my youngest son, I took matters into my own hands, researching natural ingredients and created products to gently heal the damage while maintaining healthy skin for the whole family. The impressive results created the desire to share my products with others who faced the same challenges caring for problematic skin

What are you company main aims…. To provide natural skin care solutions for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

How have you coped with allergies..

I manage my own allergies by avoiding known allergy culprits; I do my best to keep my home dust and mould-free, cleaning regularly using specialist equipment such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers with HEPA filters.  My sons have EpiPen injections to hand at all times in case of Anaphylactic reactions. I generally try to live as naturally and healthily as possible. I make ‘green’ vegetable juices almost daily and buy or make natural personal care products (aside from my skin care) such as toothpaste, deodorants etc.

I also found a great natural inhaler ( for my allergies so I rarely have a need for antihistamines any more. They also make an asthma inhaler which I use.

How has your family coped with allergies…

I taught my sons about their allergies from a young age so in the event of my absence they could ask the right questions and speak up about their allergies. For my toddler we use simple statements like: “Milk makes me sick. I can only have my special milk”. I also created a basic ‘manual’ for my sons to help family members and close friends who wanted to care for them or have them to stay overnight but found the allergies daunting. The manual contained info of my sons’ allergies, medication, skin care routines, preferences and what to do in the case of an emergency.

There are times when the allergies make my sons feel alienated, for example once at a children’s party, my toddler had to sit on his own, away from the main party table with all the pizza, cake and ‘fun stuff’ that would cause a severe reaction. The venue did not allow me to provide my own food so my son had to make do with a jacket potato and a few beans. As you can imagine he was very tearful and did not enjoy that part of the day.

What is missing in your life to make allergies a lot easier to cope with…

It’s a little easier now, but when my sons were babies I found it difficult to find readymade food or snacks that did not contain at least one of their allergens. I mostly made my own baby food, but there were times when I needed spare meals to carry around in the baby bag for unexpected or extended days out. I would spend so much time in the baby food aisle having to read ingredients because there was never one brand I could trust to just  ‘grab and go’.

I actually considered starting a business making allergy-friendly baby food but life was just so hectic at the time that it wasn’t feasible and I later fell into skin care instead.

Now the boys are older I sometimes run out of ideas for meals and find myself repeating the same dishes again and again. Because some of their allergens conflict, I also have to make two separate dinners on some days.

When my sons were babies, coping with their allergies and eczema at night was difficult. They would awaken several times a night and cry constantly due to itching or discomfort. Anti histamines were used regularly to calm the irritations but they didn’t always work. This resulted in a few hard years of minimum sleep with both boys. Some extra emotional support or counselling would have been brilliant, but thankfully I have a wonderful family who did their best to support us during those difficult years.

What drives you each day to continue…

Knowing that I am helping others to manage their dry and delicate skin with gentle, natural products. Every time a customer tells me how my products have improved their skin, I feel like all the hard work is worth it.

What are your plans for next year…

Next year I plan to expand my range of products and make them available at a select few retail outlets.


Imanmade Natural Skin Care products are available online at

Personal Insights – Anna’s story

4 June 2013

This week at Dribble Delights we are focusing on the affects of allergies and intolerances and will be sharing some experiences. We believe this will help lots of parents and reassure them that they are not alone. Anna of mychildsallergy shares her story:

My name is Anna. I wanted to put together a website to try and help other parents after our personal journey with our son’s eczema and food allergies. Looking back it seems so obvious what the problem was but there was very little information and no one around us seemed to make the connection.  It is a very daunting condition to deal with and can be extremely upsetting and frustrating for children and their parents.

From birth William was a very sick baby, even hours after being fed. As the months went on he gradually became puffy and wheezy. We had a frightening trip to A+E early on when he had a breathing apnoea episode. The hospital said it was possibly a lazy larynx which would hopefully fix itself. I was constantly being recommended baby Gaviscon by different sources for reflux which I never gave. In our particular case reflux was not the problem.

When I started weaning William, the eczema appeared. It started on his cheeks where it was worse and eventually spread to his whole body. He was sore and itchy, it was pretty unbearable for him and horrendous to watch, we felt so desperate. He was put on antibiotics twice as the eczema on his face was infected. We were back and forth to the doctors and had a bag full of steroid creams which we tried with no success. I probably spent £200 on potions and private appointments in an attempt to find something that worked. Eventually, we got a referral to the dermatology department of our local childrens hospital and he was admitted there and then. He was put on his third course of antibiotics and treated for three days with steroids, creams and wraps. His skin looked completely clear by the time we left but within a week I could see it coming back.

Through dermatology they suggested allergy testing and after the skin prick test he was positive for dairy, egg, soya, nuts, wheat, fish (we found out ourselves about lentils and split peas) – that was a pretty shocking moment and we had no idea what  to do. I was breastfeeding so had to initially cut out dairy and egg from my diet. We were prescribed Neocate milk and although it was a big struggle to get him onto the bottle once we did there was a vast improvement and he loved it. A friend heard about a cream and bath oil called Skin Salvation which worked like magic on his eczema. I really feel this helped beat the steroid cycle as well. We were also recommended a product called Scratch sleeves which have silk mits so he wasn’t able to scratch and cause further infection. Those things along with cutting out all the foods he tested positive for along the way worked for him.

We have had quite a few trips to A+E due to serious allergic reactions to milk and egg one of which was abroad in Mallorca to egg and very scary. Thankfully we had health insurance and allergy translation cards so we could communicate with hospital staff. We always make sure he has a medical plan, piriton and his epi pen on him at all times. His reactions seem to be getting worse each time and are very frightening! Even touching dairy and egg causes a reaction.

William will be 3 in July, his eczema has completely gone for the moment and we are managing the food allergies. He has just come off Neocate Active and takes Oatley milk (occasionally rice or coconut milk for a change) along with a vitamin and calcium supplement. He can also take wheat and fish now. We are still experimenting with soya but he can’t tolerate soya milk or yoghurts. The next challenge we have is starting nursery and educating him and others around him. We have another baby on the way in August so will see what the future holds for this little one in terms of eczema and allergies.