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Business Decisions, Focus and Collaboration

11 July 2013

Our time at ESpark highlighted a few important business decisions that DD had to make. When we first started out on our business journey, my children all have a Dairy Intolerance, and at DD we were purely focused on this as a business direction. We researched and researched, got our products all tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory, engaged with mentors and academics and felt we had some pretty good things going. Then ESpark asked that all important question, What do your customers want? I confidently started to say this and that and presented all the data and then was hit with another question, Have you asked them what they want?….No…. I had been so busy focusing and learning about the food industry and setting up the business I had forgotten such a vital ingredient! Our next step came very easily in the form of collaboration with another ESpark company. Plantedd were launching at The Botanic Gardens and the chance to set up a stall with my products and get market validation was presented to us and we grabbed the opportunity. Planning and preparation for our first event was in motion. During this prep work another opportunity presented itself to us. A chance to work with a nursery chain in Glasgow and Stirling to get further market validation and key research opportunities, well we ran with that one too! As a result, this nursery also gave us the opportunity to exhibit alongside themselves as a Baby Show in the centre of Glasgow which was simply amazing. In a matter of 4 weeks we had quickly set up 3 major routes for DD to engage with our customers. We had been working so hard to get to this point in our business and it fitted so well together. We had a fabulous day at the Botanic Gardens and our products were a huge hit with parents and children. We had plenty to share and loads of comments to work with as a result. Our focus groups at the nursery went tremendously well and allowed us to get detailed feedback and more group discussion going. Our baby show was also a hit with parents and really helped us form the future direction of DD. So there you have it, collaboration and engagement with a dose of Focus from ESpark that helped us on our way. We got great feedback from customers on our Dairy Free products but they asked us to be more ‘free-from’ We were hearing stories from families about all their trials and tribulations concerning weaning babies and having to be free-from. As a result we decided to incorporate that into our business, hence the reason to be as free-from as many allergies as we can. It’s funny how life works out for you. As I was coming to the business realisation of being more free-from my family life started to mirror that as well. We found out my oldest couldn’t have certain levels of soya and eggs and odd things like bananas!? But it all made sense, the upset tummies, skin flare ups etc So there you have it, ESpark helped DD on our journey in more ways than they are even aware of. Business decisions mirrored life changes and we feel better, stronger and wiser for this. More from the DD team soon : ) Thanks for reading Cheryl x


Latest Ebook Review


Thank you very much to Monster Mummies, an excellent resource for mothers on the web packed full of advice, encouragement and tips. They have recently reviewed our global selling ebook which you can find at the link – click on ‘Latest Ebook Review’7y70sFNSSsgG96CYqfytaQNewWwin5wJLdXToJpekCA

Our ebook caters for the weaning stage and beyond, specifically aimed at children with food allergies or intolerances or parents keen to find exciting and nutritionally balanced meals for their little angel! All recipes are made without gluten, wheat, soya, eggs, nuts or dairy.

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