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How to protect your little monster at Halloween.

24 October 2013



We love Halloween and it is fast approaching. But this can be a dangerous time of year for children with allergies. We have created a blog to inform others on how to keep children who have food allergies and food intolerances safe. This blog has advice for all families not just those who have children with allergies so get sharing!


Firstly purchase lots of different treats. This does not always need to be food and or expensive. Buy some pencils, colouring in books, little hairclips, stickers etc. But if you do want to give food have a look at the food labels before purchasing them (the main allergens are eggs, milk, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, gluten, soya, celery, mustard, lupin and sulphites). Or consider some healthy treats/games – bobbing for apples is always great fun!


I was recently surprised to find out that giving out monkey nuts (unshelled peanuts) was only a Scottish and Irish tradition! Perhaps it may be time to break this tradition or at least be extra vigilant.


There are alternatives to going trick or treating such as having a party and you can invite some family friends or watch a scary movie. But if you do want to go trick or treating here are some safety tips…You can go around the neighborhood first and advise the families in advance that your child has an allergy. You could prepare a treat in advance to give to your neighbour. Always remember that it is important to be sensitive to the child’s emotions and to try and not to draw any unnecessary attention. When trick or treating always carry your child’s medicine.


If your child has been giving unsafe or too many unhealthy treats you can offer a trade. This could be for a safe or healthy treat, a toy etc. You can do this like a tooth fairy (tooth fairy also works Halloween as too much sugar is bad for teeth).


Make sure to check the ingredients list for all treats before allowing your child to eat them.


We will be giving out some more advice, recipes and fun Halloween ideas so keep a look out!

The BBC Good Food Show

22 October 2013





This weekend, Dribble Delights visited the BBC Good Food Show, aka Heaven on Earth!

Glasgow SECC was filled with friendly foodies, products and samples galore. We spent two days there in total and had to be forcibly removed come the end of the show (almost, not really!)

We were there to be inspired, and we certainly were! Among our favourite stalls was the Kids Cooking Company – there to encourage children that it’s cool to cook. We also really enjoyed Love Food Hate Waste which we found very informative.

As an allergy-friendly company we were super happy to see lots of gluten-friendly and nut-friendly food companies, but we did spot a gap in the market for our dairy, nut, soya, wheat, eggs and soya-free products!

The only downside to the weekend was that Great British Bake Off-aholics had already bought all the tickets to see Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood so sadly, we missed out. We improvised and admired from afar!




Kym and Natalie were slightly distracted by this wonderful Scottish burger van, devouring venison and beef burgers, too quickly to take a photo of!

We left with big smiles on our faces, and high hopes for next time, look out for Dribble Delights’ stall!


Nutritional Insights: Fruit Juice

4 October 2013


One of my largest concerns in health is the misrepresentation of how healthy foods are. One of these that causes me concern in fruit juice.

Now there are a number of things I would like to say first before introducing this article. The daily mail is not the best source for reliable information! Also please focus on the ‘drink/eat this’ section as opposed to the pictures (krispy crèmes are sadly not an appropriate substitution for a smoothie). The pictures only show sugar content but the results are shocking!

Scary? We think so too.

In my previous research I looked at commercial baby foods and found that a high number of them will state at the front ‘no added sugar!’ but may contain a very high sugar content, why is that? Loads add juice which sweetens the product, and sweet foods are innately preferred by an infant.

I also want to point out that when shopping for foods. A product may say it is 100% fruit but may be 80% juice.

Also a huge number of fruit juices are aimed towards children. But they are okay because in huge letters at the front you are getting your daily vitamin C or it is a great source of calcium! NOT! They are full of sugar! In saying that a lot of brands now offer low sugar substitutes but more needs to be done on advertising on the perception of healthy eating especially when aimed towards children.