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Join in on our Twitter chat – Every Thursday at 11am!

25 November 2013

Here at DDHQ our fabby nutritionist Kimmy holds a Twitter chat every Thursday at 11am! Feel free to ask her anything nutrition/allergy related and she will do her best to help you. If you’re on Twitter join in on the conversation by tweeting @DribbleDelights and using the hashtag #AskKimmy. Or email your questions to

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Here’s a round up of what we learned last Thursday!


Question 1               

‘Is dried fruit good for you and is it okay to give to my toddler?’


Kimmy’s Answer:   

‘Dried fruit contains lots of vitamins and minerals and approximately 30g is equal to one of your five a day (for adults). However dried fruit is highly concentrated in sugar and many add sugar. We actually found one brand in which the dried cranberries were only 30% cranberries!

Many also add sulphites which act as a preservative however sulphites are a common allergen.

Dried fruit is also less filling than fresh fruit and it can be easy to ‘over do it’ (after all they are very yummy).

Dried fruit is also very sticky and this alongside the sugar content can be damaging to teeth. It is best like all sugary foods to eat this shortly after meal.


Question 2

‘I have heard mixed things about soluble fibre, should it be encouraged in my families diet or not?’


Kimmy’s Answer

Soluble fibre can slow down digestion in the gut. This can make you feel fuller for longer and prevents snacking and taking in extra calories during the day.


Soluble fibre increased the viscosity of the food therefore some nutrients such as sugar and fat are not as rapidly absorbed. As fibre decreases the rate of sugar and fat being absorbed it has a beneficial effect on blood sugars and cholesterol.

This fibre also stimulates ‘good’ colonic bacteria which has many health benefits however it can also cause increased gas production.

There is some concern about fibre binding to minerals but these can be released and absorbed in the colon.


Question 3

‘I heard that sodium is stored around the bone. I know there are risks to a diet high in sodium but does it protect bone?’


Kimmy’s Answer

Approximately 30-40% of sodium is stored around the bone. However it does not protect the bone. Many studies have found that a diet that is high in sodium increases urinary calcium secretion which may be detrimental to bone health.

New Start Scotland Exhibition the SECC

19 November 2013

On Friday we attended the New Start Scotland Exhibition the SECC


The place was packed and it was very interesting to meet the businesses and the people behind them. The businesses were all in different stages and it was fascinating to share experiences. Some yet to start their business and others were well on their way to global domination!


We attended some workshops at the exhibition. It was a good job we booked our tickets fast as many people missed out. One workshop was delivered by Hugh Jackson (director and co-founder) and Ian Duncan (director) of MediaCo. This workshop was great at helping us to find ways of optimising search online. And the other was delivered by Thea Newcomb – a cool Silicon Valley lady – who shared her wisdom with her ’25 Tips to Rock Linkedin’. Sadly one of the workshops we wanted to attend was cancelled.


Our last workshop did mean that we missed the beginning of Angels Den but we did manage to catch some of the pitches and they were all incredible. The judges clearly struggled to come to a winner as there was only one point in between the top 3! However, our wonderful friend Chris Louttit from Pawsitively Natural had that winning edge and won lots of exciting well-deserved prizes.


Although we were not there on the Thursday we did hear that another one of our friends won the Angels Den pitch – Mo’s Cookie Dough! Female foodie Esparkers are rocking the show! Congratulations to Chris and Morag and to everyone who pitched.


We are excited for next year already to meet new people and share experiences. Keep on learning and growing and support Scottish businesses.


Dribble Delights get fashionable!

7 November 2013

This week the delightful team swapped testing baby food for sipping Prosecco at the launch of fellow Espark chiclet Joanne McGillivray’s spring/summer 2014 fashion collection.

The glitzy event was held in warehouse SWG3 – a fabulous backdrop which showcased the clothes beautifully. All of the models looked gorgeous in the ‘Under the Sea’ inspired collection which incorporated lovely orange and turquoise pieces. The music that accompanied the show was also excellent.

Every item was tailored to perfection and very unique. From a two-piece skirt and crop top combo to a jumpsuit to a dress, Joanne has your whole summer wardrobe covered.

Thanks for having us along Joanne. In the meantime we’re away to save our pennies so we can buy everything! Check out some of the photos below.