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Dribble Delights and Scotland’s Speciality Food Show

30 January 2014

Dribble Delights had a hugely successful launch at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show at the SECC from 19th – 21st January. We had samples of our yummy Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognese and for dessert our fabulous Dribble Nibbles (Carrot Cake and Chocolate and Orange Cake mmm!).

We met some fabulous people and visited some great stalls. It was brilliant to see all of the up and coming foodie and craft businesses such as our dear friend Mo from Mo’s Cookie Dough, Crocker’s Crisps and Carlotta’s Chocolate (delicious!). Safe to say we had a great time sampling! The gift shop Langs was also brilliant. Kimmy and Natalie definitely have everyone’s future birthdays wrapped up!

We are also pleased to announce that our meals and cakes will be sold in The Little Deli Burnside in Glasgow from February! We are so excited to be getting our food out there and making life easier for parents of children with food allergies!

Here’s a selection of photos from the day:









Why can’t nutritionists just tell me what to eat?!

26 January 2014

Nutrition is a tricky business and most definitely not as simple as some would think. Our fab nutritionist Kimmy has put together a blog explaining how our bodies are so different and unique…


The answer is simple… Nutrition is not as simple.


Nutrition is not black and white. We do not eat nutrients we eat foods. Each food contains different nutrients and the interactions between food and nutrients is very complex.


The nutrient content in foods vary massively and I do not just mean between meat and rice and veg etc. I mean the same foods can have very different nutritional content. Carrots for example can vary massively

…. What time of year is it? When and where were they picked? How ripe were they? Where were they stored? Were the cooked and if so how were they cooked and for how long? Was oil/salt used? What did you eat them with? What else did you have that day?


Consuming a cooked carrot with a little bit of fat will result in absorbing more vitamin A than raw carrot. This is because fat is needed for the vitamin A to be absorbed and is more accessible if it is cooked and has a smaller surface area. For example, in general, carrot and coriander soup with some cream will result in more vitamin A being absorbed than chomping on a raw carrot. Am I saying that carrot and coriander soup is the healthier option?… Not necessarily… perhaps you are getting enough vitamin A in your diet but need more of another nutrient (some evidence has found that cooking carrot removes some potassium).


It is extremely complex. A mix of many different reactions take place at the one time and it is difficult to determine what causes what. Furthermore the effects may not be immediate, it may be in years time. There is strong evidence that the foods that we are weaned onto as a baby have an effect on health in later life.


Studies can say very different things. One day a magazine will tell you a food is good for you and the next it supposedly will cause cancer. Science is constantly progressing, research is ongoing to try and understand nutrition more. We have a long way to go. The truth is that a lot of nutrition studies are funded by the industry and can sometimes be very biased so it can be difficult to determine true scientific fact.


There is also a lot of bogus websites and diets that talk about miracle diets and super foods (Enter Peter Kay ‘she lost 14 stone in a day!’ – 2 mins 15 sec in). Nutritionist is not a protected term meaning that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist and give out advice (sometimes this advice can be very dangerous).


I have not even touched on other factors such as genetics, age, gender, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, mental health and many other that all have a huge effect!


There is not a one size fits all. Everyone is different and everyone needs different needs. Just be sensible with what you eat.


Limit sugar and saturated fat, consume more fruit and vegetables, drink more water and you will be on to a winner J


7 January 2014


Designed by mums, loved by babies, approved by nutritionists.


Allergy-friendly baby food company Dribble Delights are pleased to announce their presence at the Scottish Speciality Food Show on the 19th – 21st January at the SECC. Visit them at stand LG35 found in the Launch Gallery.


2014 looks set to be an exciting and pivotal year for founder and mother-of-three Cheryl Ryder as she looks forward to launching her innovative range of baby food and toddler snacks – all lovingly crafted without Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soya, Eggs or Nuts. Created alongside a qualified nutritionist and tested by a Scottish University, you can be sure that your little one is getting a tasty and wholesome meal packed full of their essential daily vitamins and minerals.


Cheryl found that there was a gap in the market for food and snacks suitable for children with allergies or intolerances. She found herself sticking to the same brands of ‘safe’ foods and making her own meals so as not to upset her little one’s tummies. But she wanted to make it easier for other parents going through similar situations and so Dribble Delights was born.


Dribble Delights aim, is to take the stress out of mealtimes and put fun back into food for parents of children with single or multiple food allergies or intolerances. Look out for their delicious Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognaise meals and their Carrot Cake and Chocolate and Orange cakes which are set to be hitting shelves soon. All of the products are bursting with flavour and designed with little hands in mind to make them easy for your wee one to enjoy! In addition to this, they’ve all been taste tested by Cheryl’s children so rest assured your child will adore them too!


Nutrition is key to the development of these products and is at the heart of providing a range of food and snacks that are nutritionally balanced, free-from and taste delicious. Dribble Delights meals provide 1 of your 5 a day as well as providing over 55% of your RNI (Reference Nutrient Intakes) on Protein, 35% of Calcium, and 45% of Iron as well as a whole host of other vitamins and minerals needed to help little ones grow and develop. The cakes contain half the fat and sugar compared with other children’s dry food snacks with 1/4 of all of Dribble Delights’ cakes made from fruit and/or vegetables.


In the meantime, Dribble Delights have released an e-book in partnership with a top baby nutritionist. It is full of weaning tips and recipes which are easy to follow and made without gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, soya, eggs or nuts. Found on with sales in Australia, US, Ireland and across the UK to date.



Cheryl Ryder, CEO, 07818243938

Visit their website for more information here:

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And Tweet/Instagram them: @DribbleDelights




A New Resolution – Stay away from ‘quick fixes’ in 2014!

4 January 2014

ATTENTION MUMMIES AND DADDIES! Kimmy has written a great blog in the hope that you will stay away from the ‘quick-fix’ diets that tempt us all every January after a month of festive indulgence. 

download (3)

Happy New Year!

New Year Resolutions. What is on top of your list? The most common resolutions are around the topic of health, whether that is to give up smoking, be more active or to lose weight.

I am a nutritionist. I am not a loseweightionist. Obviously the two go hand in hand but I always focus on achieving the correct nutrients in the diet first. It can be easy to lose weight unhealthily but trust me you will feel a lot better if you focus on good nutrition and the weight will follow. It is also a lot easier to maintain and prevent yoyo dieting.

There is no magic cure. It is hard work. Many people want to hear about the new diets and quick fixes but how healthy and sustainable are they? You may be considering the 5:2 diet (are you really not going to eat for 29% of the rest of your days?), the Dukan diet (Dukan has now been banned from practicing as a GP) or the Atkins diet (who had very poor health and suffered cardiac arrest)… just saying.

The answer to losing weight is actually pretty simple. Focus on the Food Standards Agency Tips for eating well:

  1. Base your meals on starchy foods.
  2. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  3. Eat more fish (including one portion of oily fish a week)
  4. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar
  5. Try to eat less sat (less than 6g a day for adults)
  6. Get active
  7. Drink plenty of water
  8. Don’t skip breakfast


Some more of my tips that may help you with your calorie control include…

  1. Slow down your eating and put your cutlery down after every two bites or so
  2. Look at your portion size.
  3. Try writing everything down you eat (you may be surprised and forget about that extra chocolate your colleague offered).
  4. Choose a smaller plate (it sounds daft but some studies have shown that the consumer feels that they are eating more if eating off a smaller plate).
  5. You do not need to eat everything on your plate – listen to your body when it is full.
  6. Your body takes time to realise it is full, so drink a large glass of water around 10 minutes before each meal.
  7. Fibre and protein makes you feel fuller for longer (I am not saying go full on Dukan diet but these are important factors in a diet).
  8. Plan your meals in advance, get creative and make appropriate substitutes.
  9. If one week it does not work… So what!? Just keep going and do not let it demotivate you. It is a progress and will not happen overnight.
  10. And the most important for me is to enjoy your food – do not dread it or deprive yourself of what you enjoy. But remember if you treat yourself all the time it is no longer a treat (moderation!).


Remember that these are changes in lifestyle not a quick fix. If one week it does not work… so what? It is not the end of the world. Just keep at it.


Have a happy and healthy 2014!

A Few Words from Founder Cheryl…

2 January 2014

Founder of Dribble Delights Cheryl has written a blog reflecting back on what a great year 2013 has been for Dribble Delights. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy! 


2013 has been an amazing year for DD. We’ve grown and developed as a company and more importantly we’re getting ready to launch our food range in the new year!

You all may be aware of why I started up DD, all my children have various food intolerances. All 3 can’t have Dairy and my oldest is unable to have certain levels of Wheat, Soya and Egg. I have been that mum wandering up and down shopping aisles trying to find good nutritious food and feeling lost and alone in the food journey my family have had to take.

Starting DD allowed me to take control of my children’s food diets. It has not been easy at all and I have learnt so much. We launched our ebook (put link here) and have been so excited as we’ve had sales in Australia, US, Ireland and across the UK. Thank you to everyone who tweeted, engaged and bought the book. We hope it helped and please keep spreading the word about us and what we’re doing.

After our ebook launch we were fortunate to win 2 amazing pitch competitions that have accelerated DD forward. Due to one pitch win we were featured on the BBC Reporting Scotland News and Radio and our other pitch win secured essential funding for DD from the Scottish Government EDGE competition. What a fabulous experience that was!

Due to that funding we secured employment and brought on our very own nutritionist. Nutrition has always been key to me and the ethos of DD. Having to be ‘free-from’ I was always worried if my children were getting all the right nutrients growing up and I knew it was integral to the success of DD. And I was right!

We now run twitter chats every Thursday at 11am allowing everyone to send us questions #AskKimmy. 994148_574034955953238_886067931_nEach week more and more people are engaging with us and it’s just fabulous. The ‘free-from’ community is just fabulous and the support and help we all give each other is just wonderful. 2014 is just going to get bigger and better!

We also brought on a part-time baker, another mother with a fantastic attitude towards food and babies and totally ‘gets’ DD and our way of thinking regarding nutrition and baby food. With our food going through another round of tests and our packaging nearly finished what a great end to 2013.

We’re off to the Speciality Trade Show at the SECC in January 2014 and then onto St Andrews in February at The Fine Food Fayre. Come say hello and try our yummy nutritious baby food J