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Which Milk is For Me?

17 February 2014

Nowadays there are so many different varieties of milk to buy. Nutritionist Kimmy has the low down on all of the different kinds!


Rice milk is very watery and sweet. It has no saturated fat or cholesterol however it has essentially no protein. It is usually supplemented with calcium and vitamins but is usually very low in ‘good fats’. It is allergen free.

Many people are concerned with the arsenic levels in rice milk. It should not be used as a main drink source for little ones but is okay to be used in cooking.





Oat milk is thicker than rice milk and very smooth. Again it contains no saturated fat, it has slightly more protein but still in very low amounts. It is also usually supplemented with calcium and vitamins and low in ‘good fats’. Although it is free from most allergens it does contain very low levels of gluten (100 parts per million) for a product to be listed gluten free it needs to have a gluten content of less than 20 part per million.


Hemp milk. Now please don’t worry when you hear the word hemp. It is from a completely different type of plant than cannibas. It is creamier than many other plant milks. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is a good source of omega 3 however it essentially has no protein. It is often enriched with calcium and vitamins and is allergen free.




Quinoa milk has a creamier texture and taste. It contains low levels of saturated fat and no cholesterol. It is rich in ‘good fats’ and contains more protein than most plant milks. It is allergen free. However, it is very expensive compared to other milks.




Almond milk is low in saturated fat but is also low in protein. It is usually enriched with calcium and vitamins and is a good source of ‘good fats’. For allergies it is suitable for those who are intolerant to dairy, gluten, and soy as it doesn’t contain casein which is a protein that is found in dairy. It is not a suitable choice of milk for those with tree nut allergies.



Soya Milk is a creamy milk and is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is a good source of protein. It is often enriched with calcium and vitamins however it contains essentially no ‘good fats’. Soya milk is not appropriate with those with an allergy to soya and there is a lot of debate to how soya production has an effect on the environment.



Dairy milk is creamy and high in saturated fat and cholesterol (skimmed and semi skimmed to contain less but these variations are not suitable for young children) however it is a good source of protein. Many people (usually children) have allergies to these proteins and/or the sugars in milk. It is naturally a good source of calcium and vitamins.


Fine Food Fayre – St Andrews 9th February!

13 February 2014

Dribble Delights had a fabulous day at the Fine Food Fayre in St Andrews on the 9th February! It was a brilliant family day out and we met so many inspiring and exciting people.

We also got the chance to showcase our range of meals and snacks…meaning lots of happy little tummies!

When we weren’t chatting to our customers we made sure to sample lots of local produce from the other stalls…delicious!

It was a very busy day for us and word on the street is that between 11am-5pm 1000 visitors came to the Fayre! A fantastic turnout!

CEO Cheryl’s kids also had a great time seeing Mummy do what she does best and enjoyed some cake samples! It was only fair that her top testers got to reap the benefits of their hard work so far!

Here’s a link to some of the other entrepreneurs:

Check out some great photos below:

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