Naughty or Nice Christmas Treats!

23 December 2013



Nutritionist Kimmy has put together a fab blog about naughty Christmas treats and some healthier alternatives! It’s all about getting the balance right over the festive season as everyone deserves some treats!

Christmas is just round the corner and let’s face it, we all indulge. I am a nutritionist and try to set an example but of course I treat myself to some of the ‘not so healthy’ things tempting me at Christmas time.


What is important is that annoying word again…‘moderation’. You can have foods that are a bit naughty but make the next few treats a little healthier. We can make similar foods very easily and by making your own snacks, the Christmassy smell coming from the kitchen will definitely give you that Christmassy feeling. By making little substitutes we can have our cake and eat it too (literally).

These are delicious party nibbles and snacks to help you make small healthier changes this festive period. Plus they are really quick to make!


Naughty List Nice List
Crisps and Dip

  • Especially fried crisps and creamy dips
  • Why? Contains lots of saturated fat.
Vegetables and Hummus

  • Create into fun shapes such as Christmas trees using broccoli, carrots, celery, red pepper, etc.
  • Why? Variety of vegetables gives a variety of nutrients and hummus is a great source of folate and the fat helps absorb some nutrients.
Shop Bought Sweet/Toffee Popcorn.

  • Some are not so naughty so make sure you have a look at the ingredients and nutritional information.
  • Why? Many are full of sugar and it is very easy to over indulge.
Kimmy’s Seasonings Greetings Popcorn

  • Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon flavoured popcorn.
  • Use fine orange rind, ginger and cinnamon powders and a dash of rapeseed oil.
  • Make Popcorn Necklaces!
  • Why? Rapeseed oil is lower in saturated fat and higher in ‘healthier fats’ compared to butter and many other oils. The smell is delicious!
Chocolate Orange

  • My two favourite combinations but sadly it is not very nutritious.
  • Why? High in sugar and saturated fat.
Orange/Satsuma Segments Dipped in Chocolate.

  • I know chocolate is still in there but it is a little better than a chocolate orange.
  • If you want to be very good this year, a Satsuma is a delicious healthy snack.
  • Why? Very nutrient dense, a great source of vitamin C.
Apple Pie

  • It is hard to avoid this temptation on a cold night but…
  • Why? It is full of sugar and saturated fat.
Baked Apples Sprinkled with Cinnamon

  • Many add sugar to this recipe but there is no need if you choose a naturally sweet apple such as Fuji or Gala.
  • Why? Apples are a great source of fibre and is low in fat. It also smells and tastes like Christmas!
Mince Pie

  • The ultimate Christmas treat.
  • Why? Like apple pie, this mince it is very dense in sugar and saturated fat.
Trail Mix (Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Dried Cranberries)

  • You can substitute any dried fruit or seeds (or nuts but make sure your guests do not have any allergens).
  • When looking for dried fruit, many add sugar and sulphites so try and find one with a low sugar content.
  • Why? Dried fruit contains lots of vitamins and minerals.  Seeds contain ‘healthy fats’, fibre and lots of micronutrients. This slows digestion in the gut, makes you feel fuller for longer, prevents a peak in blood sugar levels. Also, many vitamins need fat to be absorbed into the body and the seeds aid this.