A Few Words from Founder Cheryl…

2 January 2014

Founder of Dribble Delights Cheryl has written a blog reflecting back on what a great year 2013 has been for Dribble Delights. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy! 


2013 has been an amazing year for DD. We’ve grown and developed as a company and more importantly we’re getting ready to launch our food range in the new year!

You all may be aware of why I started up DD, all my children have various food intolerances. All 3 can’t have Dairy and my oldest is unable to have certain levels of Wheat, Soya and Egg. I have been that mum wandering up and down shopping aisles trying to find good nutritious food and feeling lost and alone in the food journey my family have had to take.

Starting DD allowed me to take control of my children’s food diets. It has not been easy at all and I have learnt so much. We launched our ebook (put link here) and have been so excited as we’ve had sales in Australia, US, Ireland and across the UK. Thank you to everyone who tweeted, engaged and bought the book. We hope it helped and please keep spreading the word about us and what we’re doing.

After our ebook launch we were fortunate to win 2 amazing pitch competitions that have accelerated DD forward. Due to one pitch win we were featured on the BBC Reporting Scotland News and Radio and our other pitch win secured essential funding for DD from the Scottish Government EDGE competition. What a fabulous experience that was!

Due to that funding we secured employment and brought on our very own nutritionist. Nutrition has always been key to me and the ethos of DD. Having to be ‘free-from’ I was always worried if my children were getting all the right nutrients growing up and I knew it was integral to the success of DD. And I was right!

We now run twitter chats every Thursday at 11am allowing everyone to send us questions #AskKimmy. 994148_574034955953238_886067931_nEach week more and more people are engaging with us and it’s just fabulous. The ‘free-from’ community is just fabulous and the support and help we all give each other is just wonderful. 2014 is just going to get bigger and better!

We also brought on a part-time baker, another mother with a fantastic attitude towards food and babies and totally ‘gets’ DD and our way of thinking regarding nutrition and baby food. With our food going through another round of tests and our packaging nearly finished what a great end to 2013.

We’re off to the Speciality Trade Show at the SECC in January 2014 and then onto St Andrews in February at The Fine Food Fayre. Come say hello and try our yummy nutritious baby food J